Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Get an exact Knee Replacement Surgery through Computer-assisted technique

Computer-assisted knee replacement surgery is a powerful precise procedure in which the surgeon accurately places the components for knee. Computer-assisted knee replacement surgery is mostly welcomed by the patients.

This is the most embraced method and last option to alleviate pain and restore function in a damaged knee by an injury or arthritis when non-surgical treatments fail to relieve such an excruciating pain. In this procedure, the damaged surfaces of the articulating bones are replaced with an artificial imported implant. Imported implants will always have durability when it is placed accurately. The life of the imported implant can be obtained with the help of a Computer assisted knee replacement surgery.


What are the advantages of Computer-assisted knee replacement surgery?

  • A Precise surgical procedure when compared to other conventional methods.
  • Can be performed quicker than the standard procedure
  • Exact prosthesis alignment 
  • Reduced chances of post-operative misalignment 
  • Improved implant longevity
  • Improved accuracy 
  • Quick recovery
  • Since it is less invasive there may not be a requirement for blood transfusion
Dr. Kanna’s Knee & Ortho Clinic is an ace hospital in providing orthopedic treatments and he is one among the most-sought-after surgeon in Asia who performs computer-assisted knee replacement in Chennai using imported implants from USA (DePuy Johnson and Johnson) for all patients. Approach our Dr. Kanna for the best Knee replacement in Chennai.
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