Tuesday, 27 March 2018

An Insight Into Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery

Studies show that as of now almost 90 percent of people who have crossed the age of 60 has a damaged knee joint. In India too, same is the case. You can often hear people complaining about pain and stiffness in the knee joints. Osteoarthritis has become so common that people have started taking it as a trivial matter and have started avoiding medications which lead to an increased severity of the condition. Are you one among them? Then you will have to take an appropriate treatment for your condition. For most severe cases of osteoarthritis, a knee replacement surgery is recommended. Here's us giving an insight into osteoarthritis and Bilateral knee replacement surgery.


Causes of joint pain in the knee

  •  Old age; the chances of osteoarthritis increases with age.
  •  Obesity is another reason for joint pain in the knee.
  •  Bone deformities.
  •  Genetics.

What is Bilateral Knee Replacement surgery?

A surgery where both the knees are replaced simultaneously on the same day under one anesthesia. During this surgery, the damaged areas of the knee joint are replaced, with an artificial knee called a prosthesis. A prosthesis is mostly made of plastic, metal or ceramic. It restores all the functions of the damaged knee and relieves you from arthritis pain.


 What are the advantages?

  •  Only one rehabilitation period
  •  Patients can get back to their normal lives quickly
  •  Patients take less time off from work

Knee replacement in Chennai

Post Surgery Care

Physical and emotional support is to be given to the patient post-surgery which is essential for recovery of the patients. A therapeutic support is highly recommended.You can even hire a nurse to ensure a speedy recovery. Bilateral knee replacement surgery requires a strong home team for care and support.

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